The South Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS) is comprised of four (4) law enforcement divisions: the South Carolina Highway Patrol, State Transport Police, Bureau of Protective Services, and Immigration Enforcement Unit. In order to serve you and ensure our officers are displaying the highest level of professionalism, we would like for you to answer the following questions:
1. Have you had any contact with an officer from one of the above divisions?    
  (If you answered "No" or "Do Not Know" to this question, you will not be able to answer questions 2 through 4.)

2. Did the officer with whom you had contact act professionally and treat you with respect?   
  (If you answered "no," how did the officer act or treat you?

3. Did you feel that your situation was handled properly and fairly?   
  If you answered "no," how could the officer have handled the situation?

4. Was there enforcement action taken against you (e.g., a warning or traffic ticket issued or an arrest)?   
  If you answered "no," briefly explain how the matter was resolved.

5. Do you feel that DPS officers are concerned about your safety on South Carolina Highways?   
  If you answered "yes or no," briefly explain why you feel this way.

6. Please rate the department's overall performance on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 representing an excellent rating).
7. Please provide below any recommendations or suggestions that you may have for improvement at the South Carolina Department of Public Safety: